Our people


The value in LEF is people

The model company helps us to show how a real digital transformation happens, but the real value in LEF is the people.

It is thanks to the ideas, commitment and skills of these people and the global network of which LEF is part that we have come this far and continue to develop our lean and digitalization project in italian and all over the world organisations.


Marco Olivotto

LEF General Manager
Co-ordinates and manages the LEF team, ensuring consistency between execution and corporate strategies, actions and vision

Cinzia Lacopeta

McKinsey & Company Account Manager
Manager of McKinsey's Digital Capability Centre with focus on lean and Industry 4.0

Doris Lazzer

Executive assistant
Customer reception, logistics and administration

Nicole Belfanti

McKinsey & Company Solution Delivery Manager
Expert of capability building and digital use cases delvelopment
Davide Di Lucca

Davide di Lucca

Company Delivery Analyst McKinsey & Company
Supporting customers for training courses and digital use cases

Veronica Azzurra De Giusti

IoT & ML Specialist
She is involved in the development and implementation of use cases in digital manufacturing and supply chain.

Patrik De Nardin

Design & Engineering
3D printing specialist and supports the development of new digital use cases in the manufacturing area

Lorenzo Ava

Training manager
Manages the training area by developing content and experiential training modules in lean, digital and soft skills topics

Alice Giurgola

Training Facilitator
Supporting customers for training courses and the development of training content and modules
Umberto Esposito_

Umberto Esposito

Process optimization analyst
Supporting clients for lean & digital transformation projects
Massim Scaramuzza

Massimo Scaramuzza

Process optimization analyst
Supporting clients for lean & digital transformation projects
Andrea Beltrame

Andrea Beltrame

Shopfloor operations responsible
Follows internal operations, maintenance and asset management

Gouya Harirchi

Project Manager
Co-ordinates international projects and relations with project partners
Mauro Vezil

Mauro Vezil

Lean manufacturing Expert
Lecturer and consultant in lean methodology applied to the manufacturing and office sector

Marco Lo Sardo

Lean & Digital Operations Manager
Expert in manufacturing processes, logistics and operations
Carla Maria Battistelli

Carla Maria Battistelli

Lean Supply Chain & Manufacturing Expert
A lecturer and consultant in lean methodology applied to the manufacturing sector, he is also involved in business development and sales.
Gianluca D'Osvualdo

Gianluca D'Osvualdo

Lean & Digital Operations Manager
Manufacturing processes, logistics and operations expert

Matteo Marchiori

Senior Consultant
Executive consultant expert in digital transformation and robot process automation (RPA)
Vincenzo Giummolè

Vincenzo Giummolè

Account Manager
Manages customer relations from customer contact to feedback

Alessandra Bonomini

Communication and Events
Events and communication manager, takes care of institutional relations

Marilena Antonini

Marketing & digital strategist
Cares for the company's online presence and coordinates marketing activities

Massimo Boni

Head of Press Office
Communication Advisor, Journalist

Board of Administration

Michelangelo Agrusti


Nicola Redi – Sergio Farioli – Paolo Candotti – Adriano Luci